Published: 25 September 2016


Welcome to the Department of Trade and Industry – ARMM Website!

This Website is a vital component of DTI’s initiative to be able to reach-out efficiently the mandate of the Department to a wider perspective.

By way of reviewing this site, you will have a glimpse of the Frontline Services offered by the Department as well as its priority concerns which includes the: Development & Promotion of Industries thru Cluster Approach, Render Quality & Excellent Service towards ISO Compliant, Empowering Consumers, Facilitate Trade & Investment, Enhance demand-driven support to micro, small medium enterprise (MSME’s), and Strengthen public-private partnership.

The corresponding Challenges & Strategies related to the aforementioned issues will likewise be addressed.

Every undertaking is geared towards the fulfillment of the Department Vision: “A Dynamic & Competitive ARMM Economy by 2019 thru Inclusive Growth” considering that about 2.2 million or 56% of the ARMM populace is living below the poverty line.


Along this thrust, we enjoin everyone to journey with us in taking a stride to achieve our milestone.

We look forward to a fruitful and productive partnership.


Thank you very much.



Regional Secretary








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